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On-line communication

Production of a quality site, ""

Internet is now unavoidable because it is the most widely used medium in the world. It allows communication on a planetary scale and is accessible to all. This witness site will be the main project communication tool. It presents it, describes it and makes it available for everyone.
The mini-sites will allow us to follow the progress of the project country by country (with log book, actors portraits, photos)
Interactivity is the keyword! Comments and questions are welcome, I will respond as rapidly as possible.

Link exchange policy

So as to generate traffic to the witness site and to optimise its audience I offer the exchange of links with Internet sites that are potentially interested in the project and that add value to it. Partners and friends have a dedicated heading. To access is click here.

Media Plan

Objective: provide the project with high quality media coverage and so increase its visibility.

I am sending a press pack to our target media, which are those having one of the following themes as their editorial line: theatre, culture, travel, adventure, society. Media who find an interest in our project can become involved in two ways:

Media link: relay the information on this project to its public by the distribution of one or more article(s), or the production of an interview.

Media partnership; in exchange for the assurance of active coverage of the project and/or payment, the media concerned will have available, on request and exclusively, editorial and visual content allowing the production or either a series of articles and portraits, or a thematic package.


Vivez intensement le Voyage à travers ces MiniSites qui retracent au quotidien notre progression :

Afrique du Sud