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Welcome to this site!

I am a french actress and I have decided to set off for a year to discover the theatrical diversity of the world.

Join me in this beautiful adventure!

Here, very soon, you will be able to follow my theatrical meetings, country by country.
I am leaving on the 10th July 2006 for South Africa, the first stage of my journey!

The discovery of the different forms of theatre in the world is above all else a meeting with people, with actors such as me. Who are they? How was their vocation born? Is it a vocation or a hereditary destiny? What is their status in society?... Many other questions will arise on the ground and I will also answer those posed by the students of the Cours Florent.

The journey will take twelve months.
So it was necessary to make some choices! The itinerary was chosen to cover (almost) all the continents so as to understand real cultural diversity
My journey will take me to 10 countries.

Vivez intensement le Voyage à travers ces MiniSites qui retracent au quotidien notre progression :

Afrique du Sud