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Marilia de LORGERIL

27, born in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

My CV: click here

Vocation: Live (from) my passion, the theatre, and take part in its promotion throughout the world.
Training: Theatre (Cours Florent, Atelier du Sapajou) and DEUG degree in law
Languages: Brazilian (read and spoken), English, Spanish (fluent).

A professional actor for two years, my experience is varied.
I have played in Parisian theatres, at the Avignon Festival, in both classical (Musset, Marivaux, Sophocles…) and contemporary (“Je suis ta mémoire (I am your memory)”-Avignon 2005, Koltès…) pieces.

I am also the interpreter for two young peoples’ shows (Enchanted Christmas, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice) touring various theatres, schools and crèches. In parallel, I introduce elementary school pupils to the theatre in the “blue workshops” (City of Paris).

“An enriching experience continuing my professional progress”

This project will allow me to deepen my theatrical culture and my critical spirit by assisting at the maximum number of shows. I will discover new techniques and ways of approaching the theatre.
I will be nourished by the human and artistic encounters that I make in order to include them in my actress’s imagination and reuse them on stage or in productions.
It will also allow me to create a worldwide network of contacts in my profession to envisage new artistic collaborations, foreign tours...

Partner on the Ground: Sylvain PEUCH

We are travelling together which is safer when you are a young woman. He will support me in the organisation of the journey and taking video and photo images.

The "Le Monde est à Nous! (The world is ours)" association

This project is part of a larger framework and unlimited in time, by virtue of “Le Monde est à Nous!
In this association each member plans a world tour with a precise problem, in accordance with the statutes.


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